IN-and-OUT Tabletop Smartphone Holder

It is a very ergonomic landscape type tabletop smartphone holder stand, which is not an ugly piece of black plastic or metal, but something much more human and organic in terms of design. Thus, You may store it well accessibly around yourself in your home, no need to hide it in a drawer when not in use.

When You want to watch a Youtube video or browse the internet with a comfortable viewing angle and without continuously holding the phone in your hands, You need just to grab your IN-and-OUT stand and slip the phone into it with one easygoing fluent move. No more fussy springloaded tweezers or clips, no waiting time for motorized clamps. Additionally the screen will levitate very nicely in a landscape setting in this holder, since the clever design needs only 2 tiny (few mm2) contact areas plus the gravity itself in order for fixing your smartphone stably. The placing of a “screen” into a tabletop stand in this elegant, intelligent and appealing way of exploiting gravity is very attractive and funny for many people. (Remember, it would not work in space 🙂 )

The 3D printed version is “zero waste”, 100% biocompostable and environment friendly. The CNC milled wood version is very exclusive to own and touch.

GRAVITY eyeglasses holder – scratchfree orderly storage

The most recent product taken for exploitation by Arvus Ltd. was born in the dawn of March 1st 2019. Thanks to the 3D printing based production technology the first few product pieces (version 10) have been sold in less than a month during a 3 days exhibiton. It is IPR protected (patent pending), and we are looking for collaborators, colleagues and opportunities for a high volume market introduction. Our first on-line retailer for the Hungarian market can be visited just 1 click away from here: bohoshop.hu


Trauma-reducing stretcher suspension for ambulance cars

The essence of the invention is that, in the ambulance car during curves and during braking, the stretcher always tilts back and forth and left / right exactly to such an extent that these impacts and the gravity of the patient’s body together causes the least amount of trauma to the patient. As a result, broken bone ends can move much less and cannot cause more damage to the body.

Hunor Sántha was a medical student at the time of the invention. Before this idea of him he was able to participate in the European First Aid Championship in Austria with the Hungarian national team. The invention won the third prize at the National Innovation and Science Competition for the Youth in 1993.

Creator: Dr. Hunor Sántha

Comfortable plaster cast

As mentioned earlier, Hunor was keen on participating in all sorts of extra programs from his childhood, and his enthusiasm for this continued throughout his university years. As an enthusiastic member of the SOTE basketball team he was injured in a match with partial tear of the right outer ankle ligament.

After the surgery, he has spent 2 weeks lying in plaster and 6 weeks in a walking compatible plaster. Even then, the inventor’s brain did not rest, finding really plenty of room for improvement from his own suffer.

Most of all, he focused on avoiding inflammation of the periosteal membrane, which is due to the fact that nothing attenuates the heel strokes while walking. For this reason, he put a “worn-out” air pad from a Nike shoe as a vibration damper under the heel.

And he solved the problem of aeration by using several perforated-walled tubes integrated above the gauze layer and a venting box.

This placed him second in the actual National Innovation and Science Competition for the Youth back than. He also filed a patent application for this comfortable gypsum plaster.

Creator: Dr. Hunor Sántha

Integrable support against bedsore (decubitus - pressure ulcer)

It is interesting that a healthy person automatically changes his / her posture every 11 minutes, even when he / she sleeps deeply. However, many hospitalized elderly people who are incapacitated, cannot do so and often develop a fatal infectious ulcer, a bedsore, most often around the sacrum and hip, and sometimes even around the heels.

However, the invention precedes this by providing a chessboard-like matrix arrangement as the support of the hip region integrated in the hospital bed. Stripping it all down, the machine should be conceived by holding the patient’s body for 5 minutes by the „black” units, followed by the “white” field. The 4 x 4 cm square shaped units are moved up and down by pistons and an interconnected fluidic system, so the level of the units will follow comfortably the contour of the supported bodypart.

The invention won the third prize at the National Innovation and Science Competition for the Youth in 95, was filed as a patent application and was granted as a Hungarian patent in 2001.

Creator: Dr. Hunor Sántha

Fetal pulse oximetry

Anno, a Bluetooth version of a miniature autonomous wireless pulse oximeter panel, was realised first during 2004-2005 in order to demonstrate the concept of ​​the invention.

Total volume of electronics and integrated power supply (without enclosure) was: 9126 mm3 (39 x 19.5 x 12 mm).


During 2006-2007, the first functional WoXY prototype was developed using a customized ASIC chip and a more specific 433 MHz radio IC. Total volume of electronics and integrated power supply (without enclosure) was: 3651 mm3 (diameter: 30.5 mm, thickness: 5 mm).

Creator: Norbert Stubán, Dr. Hunor Sántha

Wearable ECG

Systems where the patient can perform tests in his/her home are becoming more widespread (enough to think about blood pressure monitors).

One of the biggest benefits of Arvus’s innovative development is that it communicates via Bluetooth, so you can record an ECG signal anywhere, not just for home monitoring, but even on a mobile phone.

This allows patients who are in motion to be screened, or people with disabilities or, where appropriate, far from the GPs office, so they cannot easily go to a visit for in person examination.

Creator: István Bosznai

Optical recorder and value logger – ’numbers-to-curves’

In medical and industrial environments, many devices operate with an LCD display but do not log the measured values ​​in any way.

Measuring tools such as blood glucose meters and blood pressure meters, even if they have memory, are usually not easy to transfer these values to a computer.

While it would be much more helpful for your doctor to come across a digital and curves/graphs type blood pressure diary for easy and fast data interpretation, making it easier to make the right diagnosis or refine your medication.

The system automatically converts the recorded information into a form (typically a graph) that is most easily understood and interpreted by the GP. This way you can see trends and differences. Another advantage is that it is perfectly portable as it is smaller than a mobile phone.

And how does this work in practice? Take, for example, a patient with hypertension who regularly measures his blood pressure. He / she receives this device and then, after completing the usual blood pressure measurements, captures a photo of the displayed numbers. The next time he/she goes to the GP, gives him the device (or just the memory card included) and connect it to the GPs computer, and after a few clicks he/she can see in graph format how the patient’s blood pressure was over the past period.

Creator: Dr. Hunor Sántha

PsychObservo - attention level tester

Attention testing is one of a kind of psychological and diagnostic methods. Examinations can provide an objective picture of each patient’s attentive ability.

The test uses a variety of verbal tools, such as paper-pencil tests and methods using instruments. These devices are the attention testers.

Unfortunately, most of the distributive attention examiners currently used in the clinical setting in Hungary are obsolete and therefore cannot be subjected to a variety of tests. One of Arvus’ innovative products, PsychObservo, was developed with the aim of creating a simple, reliable yet universally usable device.

The test algorithm is compiled by a computer with a graphical interface, and the test result can be saved and loaded. It also has the advantage of being in constant communication with the computer, so you can track in real time, the location of the imprints and the elapsed time that the computer evaluates, displays, and logs.

Creator: Ferenc Ender

Venous blood pressure monitor

With the venous pressure meter, the pressure in a venous cannula inserted into any vein in an intensive care unit of a hospital, typically the vena cava, can be measured by a doctor or a nurse. When you press the “Start measurement” button, the display will immediately display the central venous pressure in units of water-cm commonly used in medical practice (measurement range up to 40 watercm).

The advantage of the device, its simplified functionality and consequently the possible low production cost. By the way, he has completed one copy of his student’s thesis and has been serving with the medical colleague who applied for it ever since.

Creator: Gábor G. Tóth

What happened to these devices? Where can you find them?

During the lifetime of an innovation or invention, approx. at 50 points, there may be some kind of “veto” that stops the entire “product development” and thus the economic exploitation. Many of the prototypes developed by Arvus Ltd. have been stuck somewhere at certain points of the projects, so though they have started very promisingly, unfortunately due to changes in the market environment or other circumstances, until the clinical testing phase or any form of launching they didn’t get there.


available ony in Hungarian, sorry – to be continued…

Teaszellőztető kiskanál

A találmányt – a többi termékhez hasonlóan – maga az élet ihlette.

Biztosan te is sokszor égetted meg a szádat a forró teáddal, ami miatt utána napokig küzdöttél nyelv-és szájpadlás fájdalommal. Azonban az innovatív magyar találmánynak köszönhetően a tűzforró teádat a szellőztető kiskanálon átcsorgatva a csészédbe, egyből szájmelegre hűtheted.

Nem kell tehát fejfájásig fújkálni a teádat, sem hosszú perceket várni rá, amíg fogyasztható hőmérsékletűvé válik, miután átcsorgattad, egyből megihatod.

A teaszellőztető kiskanál az Arvus Kft. egyik legújabb, innovatív projektje.

Vízkőmentes zuhany üvegfal

A fürdőszoba takarítása során a vízkő eltávolításával rengeteg idő megy el, nem is beszélve azokról a láthatatlan nyomokról, amelyet egy-egy ilyen takarítás hagy bennünk. Az Arvus innovációja egy olyan zuhanykabin üveg, amely teljesen vízkőmentes lesz.

Ennek segítségével szintén rengeteg időt spórolhatsz, hiszen nem kell minden zuhanyzás után gumilapáttal lehúznod az üveget, sem pedig később a vízkövet sikálni a kabinról. A megoldás jellegét ennél bővebben azért nem ismertetjük, mert amikor aktiválni fogjuk a projektünket, igyekszünk majd rá szabadalmat  vagy használati mintaoltalmat is szerezni.

Vízkőmentes zuhany üvegfal

Csobbanásmentes toalett


Egy egyszerű, hétköznapi dolog, amivel eddig senki sem foglalkozott és mégis mindenki életét megkeserítette. A csobbanó toalett ugyanis feleslegesen fröcsköli ki a vizet a testre és a burkolatra egyaránt, ami nem túl higiénikus és egyben pazarló is.

Azonban az Arvus Kft. koncepciója egy, kb. 1-2 évesre becsült, technológia fejlesztési időszak után majd egyszer s mindenkorra megszüntetheti ezt a problémát. A megoldás jellegét ennél bővebben azért nem ismertetjük, mert amikor aktiválni fogjuk a projektünket, igyekszünk majd rá szabadalmat  vagy használati mintaoltalmat is szerezni.

Dr. Sántha Hunor felismeri a hétköznapi problémákat, így a csobbanó toalett problematikáját is. Szerencsére találmánya orvosolja ezt a gondot.

Soha többé WC kefe

A WC kefe használata szintén mindennapos probléma, amellyel rengeteg idő megy el. A kefe tisztítása ráadásul egy igazán neuralgikus pont, amit az ember legszívesebben inkább csak félredobna.

A jövő toalettjét azonban úgy képzeljük el, hogy ne kelljen többé WC kefét használni. Így az innovatív magyar elképzelésnek köszönhetően egy kardinális problémától szabadulhatsz meg, ami – szinte észrevétlenül – időt és energiát vesz el az életedből.

A WC kefe eltűnése sok gondot megoldana. Dr. Sántha Hunor egyik újítási terve megoldást jelent a problémára.

Mit tehetsz Te az ügyért?

Amikor összesen 50 db érdeklődő email beérkezik bármelyik felsorolt stratégiai érdeklődésünkben álló témára a contact@arvus.hu címre, akkor már nem várunk tovább, nekilendülünk. Ha személyesen Neked lenne kedved ezen a témán bármilyen tekintetben dolgozni házi feltalálónk mentorálásával, akkor írd meg, milyen ötleted van, eddig mit csináltál, és velünk mit szeretnél csinálni.

Mi a te problémád?

Ez persze csak néhány egyszerű, hétköznapinak tűnő dolog, amelyek ha megoldódnának, mégis rendkívüli módon megkönnyítenék mindenki életét. Azonban biztos neked is van olyan mindennapi dolog, ami bosszúságot okoz.

Egy egyszerű példából kiindulva: ha lecsapsz egy legyet a falon, akkor sokszor ott marad a nyoma, amit szintén sok idő, és idegeskedés árán tüntethetsz csak el.

Járj nyitott szemmel, és fedezd fel a hétköznapok apró kihívásait. Utána pedig küldd el nekünk a megoldásra váró problémát, ugyanis találmányainkkal szeretnénk könnyebbé és egyszerűbbé tenni a Te hétköznapjaidat is.