About us - a short story

Arvus Ltd. was established back in 2007 by to dedicated inventors, both working at BME’s  (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) faculty of electronic technology. At first, their mission was to create efficient medical devices, however, as time went by, their plans gradually changed. The reasons behind were not only market feedback but their personal motivation as well.


Our inventions

The main goal of our inventions is to make simple, everyday tasks easier to deal with. Helping people to become more satisfied and happy is wonderful.

We believe that implementing productivity to your everyday life allows you to have more and more time for your other chores and hobbies.

Currently, our most promising product is ALLin Kitchen Ventilation extractor fan that is still under patent protection. Its 8-inch touch-sensitive screen panel is wifi compatible. This kitchen extractor fan doesn’t only make cooking and baking easier but your everyday life as well. Say goodbye to constant ventilation and welcome a smell-free home, even if your family is a real gourmand!

Although the field of kitchen technology is ruled by big brands, we truly hope there is a place for the smaller, customer– and problem-oriented companies, like ours; especially if they can offer something that other firms can’t.

Do you wantto make a difference too?

We have a myriad of future ideas and projects in our sleeves that we are continuously developing. Although these are inspired by our own lives’ problems, we are more than happy to welcome inspiration and tips from our customers. So if your lives have their own Achilles heels, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

ALLin Kitchen Ventilation’s brand ambassador – and our first regular customer – Szilvia Reimann is an economist and a marketing and advertising manager. She is already helping us to reach our goals but we are eager to find other ambitious colleagues as well.

Who knows, maybe your idea could change the world too!

If you have any ideas or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, if you would like to order our products, please get in touch with our colleagues and get your request for a quotation!